Easy Steps: Applying for or Renewing a Philippine Passport

The new, fully airconditioned DFA, Aseana building.

Everything is easier and more convenient these days, especially in obtaining important documents, thanks to the internet and other technological innovations. Gone were the days when you have to haggle with photobooth operators, queue up and roast under a covered basketball court, and spend endless hours, or even days, to submit a Philippine passport application to DFA.

Last year, I had my passport renewed for the second time. I had my passport in 1997 and I still remember those excruciating hours with my father, I was a minor then and my first time to travel out of the country. The first time I renewed was in 2007 and I had someone renew my passport. That’s the time when personal appearance is not yet a requirement for application. It was convenient, especially for those who are working for the government or know someone inside the department, but a lot riskier when it comes to border security.

It is important to check this link first. You will find a more comprehensive information there. I am just summarizing the requirements and process here and at the same time sharing my experience in getting one.

For both new and renewal application, here are the basic requirements:

1. Birth certificate by NSO in SECPA (click here for NSO certificates);
2. Application form;
3. Old passport (for renewal)
4. IDs; and
5. Additional documents (Click for new application and renewal).

Easy steps:

1. Set an appointment here and print the application form as instructed. Don’t forget to sign the form. You can cancel your appointment online. In case you decide to cancel it a few days before your appointment, the system won’t allow the cancellation. You can set a new appointment then which cancels your previous one. A valid e-mail is important!

Tip: Based on my experience, appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday, around 5:00-5:30pm have the shortest queues. Arrive at least 30 minutes before appointment. My schedule was 5:30pm and they entertained me even before my appointment time. How to get to DFA ASEANA?

2. Enter thru Gate 2 of Aseana building (the new building for the DFA’s Consular Affairs).Warning: Don’t deal with fixers! The guards will direct you where to go and signs are located everywhere. Don’t hesitate to ask around.

Map via passport.com.ph

3. Present your documents to a staff stationed right before the entrance of the processing section located at 1st floor. You will be given a number upon appointment confirmation.
4. Head to the processing section still on the 1st floor where you will present your form and other documents once your number has been called.
5. Pay the processing fee (P950 for 15 working days/REGULAR and P1,200 for 7 working days/RUSH). The cashier is located at the second floor.
6. Present your receipt and have your photo taken at a designated computer. This is the reason why personal appearance is required. No accessories, or any kind of head gears except for religious purposes and no smiling please!
7. Pay a P120 delivery fee if you opt to have your passport delivered instead of picked up. Keep your receipt!

That’s it! All you have to do is wait for the release of your passport. Make sure that on the expected date of delivery, you have a signed authorization letter for someone to claim it on your behalf when you’re not at home or at the office. You will be issued a biometric passport valid for 5 years. Its security features include a hidden encoded image, an ultra-thin, holographic laminate and a tamper-proof electronic microchip. The  Philippine government started issuing biometric passports late 2009.

Outside the Aseana building, vendors are selling passport covers for only P40. Of course, you could haggle! I find no harm buying from them.

TIP: Other things you need to bring with you: bottled water if, unfortunately, the queues are long, a pen, and lots of patience!

A passport is a valuable identification document. I suggest securing one even though you have no plans of leaving the country in the near future. And for those who were bitten by the travel bug, it is important that your passport is updated and validity is at least 6 months before you travel.

Don’t hesitate to pitch in your comments, tips and questions. Good luck and have safe travels!

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Please make sure that you read all the comments and visited the links before posting a comment to avoid redundancy. I apologize but I will no longer answer questions that have been previously raised or those which answers can be found on the official website of DFA. Thank you!

1. Can I renew a passport that is still valid? 
Yes! If you want to change your surname or update your signature or just to make sure that your passport is valid for travel at all times, you can do so. I renewed mine even though it is still valid for the next year and got it in 7 days.

2. What should I do if I want to use my married name or revert back to my maiden name?
Similar requirements and procedure for renewal will apply. Proof of change of surname (e.g. marriage certificate) should be presented.

3. I want to renew my passport but I will be traveling soon and I’m afraid I won’t have my renewed passport on time. 
When you apply for renewal, tell the official who will check your requirements that you will be traveling in a few days so that they won’t punch holes into your current passport and have it invalidated. If your new passport becomes available before you leave Philippines, they will invalidate your current passport before giving you the new one (because you can’t have 2 valid passports in your possession). This will ensure that you can still use your passport in case your renewed one won’t be released on time.

4. Do I still need to submit a birth certificate for passport renewal?
It depends on what type of passport you are currently holding. Check this list of requirements for renewal.

5. I am out of the country. How should I renew my passport?
Please refer to the nearest embassy or consulate.

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159 thoughts on “Easy Steps: Applying for or Renewing a Philippine Passport

  1. Hi, tried to obtain online appointment pero hindi gumagana ang date selection. may idea ba kayo tungkol dito. hindi ako makatawag sa hotline dahil nasa ibang bansa pa ako. mga one week na akong nag ta try pero hanggang ngayon ay ganoon parin..

      • I am an OFW and will be in Manila in Feb. I will only be there for 4 days so even for rush processing, I will not be able to get my renewed passport. I know I can request for DFA not to cancel/punch my old valid passport but will they allow to deliver my new passport at home for my parents to send it to me overseas? Or will they require my passport at home for canceling?

        Sorry for the bother coz if they process my renewal passport here it will take 6 weeks as they will send the application in Manila and send the renewed passport back here. Thanks in advance for the advise.

        • If you decide not to let them cancel your passport, you will be required to pick up your renewed one (I remember they told me before that delivery is not option if you choose to keep your current passport) and bring your previous passport for them to cancel. They have to make sure that you’re other passport is invalidated before they issue you the renewed one.

  2. Hi, my hubby needs to renew his passport, ang mga id lang pomat docs na meron xa are as follows:
    voters id, seamans book, sss e1 pink form, philhealth id, nso bc, old nbi (we are waiting for his new one, will be released in jan 28) .woulh th ff be enough na po to renew his nbi? Sched nya this coming jan20. Thanks in advance

  3. may i ask something…mejo naguguluhan po aq about how many days does the passport would be release… some say 7 days..did they say 7 days because its rush? (its obvious) or 15 days tlga pg regular days? nbasa q nmn kung ilan days but when i want to confirm..mrming sgot kng ilan days.. kc ang appointment q dz jan. 17 and aalis aq ng feb 14.. hindi n mkaabot ang passport q pro mron aqng nbasa about dun.. bout the real question is… ilan days ba tlga?? 7? 15 or 30 days??

  4. hi po. ask ko lang po kung puwdeng i renew ang passport instead of replacement. naghiwalay kasi yung cover ska yung pages ng passport ko. ang available dates for appointment para sa replacement of passport mga 2ndweek pa ng feb. sa DFA Aseana kaya ang choice ko nlng eh yung appointment ko dis Jan. 17 sa SM Manila kaso for new applicants at renewal lang sila. Maexpire yung passport ko May 2015 pa kaya ang concern ko din po baka hindi pumayag yung DFA na irenew yung passport ko kasi 2 years pa siya bago maexpired.tnx. i really need my passport bago mag feb. 5.

  5. Hi! ask ko lng po. im currently here in Oman and i applied for passport renewal sa Phil. embassy dito.. what if ndi pa available before ng departure ko kasi magvacation ako.. Can i still use ung current passport ko? sa July pa magexpire ung current passport ko… kaya lang pabalik na dito ang problem kasi ive learned atleast 6 months validity dapat ang passport before leaving sa pinas.. Pede kaya ako mgrenew sa pinas kahit na nag-file n ako ng application sa Phil. embassy dito?.. thanks..

    • As far as I know, all passport applications are processed in the Philippines, thru the embassy, unless they have changed this procedure or the embassy there in Oman has the capability of printing passports.
      Unless your current passport has been invalidated, yes you can still use it. (I believe you informed the embassy there that you will be traveling before they issue you your new passport hence your current one is still valid. Please refer to FAQ #3 in this post.)
      I suggest asking the embassy there whether they process your passport back in Philippines and if they do, ask if you can claim it back home instead. If not, you may ask them for other options. Another option is to cancel your current application, if possible, then renew it in Philippines. I hope this reply somehow helps. All the best!

  6. Hi ask ko lang po if i forgot to choose delivery instead of pickup. Dec.27 is the date of my passport’s release. How can i make dfa to deliver it in my house? would that be possible? Thanks!

  7. Hi ,

    I want to know what are the requirements needed if I want to change my surname in my passport .. I want to use my husband surname.. and what IDs they need? thanks

  8. hi po itatanong ko lang po tungkol sa renewal ng pasport ko. kakakasal ko lang po kasi last year and single pa po ung status sa pasport ko tapos magrerenew po ako. pwede ko na po ba magamit yong last name ng asawa ko after ng kasal namin? at kapag kukuha po ako ng NBI,POSTAL ID AND ETC PWEDE KO NA PO BA MAGAMIT ANG LASTNAME NG ASAWA KO? SALAMAT PO.

  9. Hi. I would like to ask if they allow the father of infant below 1 year old to apply for her passport since the mother is abroad. I tried on DFA CDO but they still looking for affidavit of support and consent from mother while on the the list of requirements, its affidavit from either parents. I already gave my notarized affidavit but still not enough? The child is legitimate and no legal problem on marriage.

  10. Hi.. I just got married 2 months ago with a Norweigan guy here in Manila and I had just renewed my maiden passport 4 months ago. I want to use my husband’s surname coz I want to travel with him back to Norway. Can I get a new passport as married without cancelling the old one coz it was only renewed for 4 months. Thanks for your help!

  11. Hi! I just have a concern… My passport expired a month ago, and I’m getting it renewed on the 21st. I was just wondering if there is any possibility to maybe get a permission from the passport renewal office for me to visit my family in Seattle this Christmas. Thanks!

  12. I processed my passport yesterday and chose regular process(15days). I just realized that it’ll take almost amount to get it due to holidays. is there any way for me to change it to rush/express release?

  13. Good morning
    Ask Ko LNG po Kung ano requirements to change status from married to single

    And also change last name to maiden name..

    Kasal kasi Ako dati s Japanese ngaun po devorse n kmi kaya gusto Ko Sana s pag renew Ko ng passport m change n ang info Ko to single Ulit.. Waiting for reply

    Thank you.

  14. Hi! question about renewal of passport at malls? How long will it take? Also, in SM manila, are they already open & what time they usually open for passport renewal? Thank you.

      • Hi there, I’ll be flying on the 18th of December and I just found out that my passport will expire on the 27th of March next year which is it will going to expire in four months

        • i checked the appointment dates but the soonest appointment that I can get will early next year, is there any other way just to extend the validity of my passport? I only have two-month grant leave in my work and the ticket is all set. Your soonest reply will deeply appreciated. Thank you.

          • I haven’t heard of a case wherein passport validity has been requested. I doubt that could happen.
            Still, you can try asking the officials.
            I suggest checking the appointment site every now and then because sometimes slots open from those who cancel theirs. Good luck!

  15. Hi, ask ko lang. Ang release date kasi ng passport ko was last Tuesday (Dec.4) pero I wasn’t able to get it kasi I have school. Pwede ko pa po ba makuha yun?

  16. hi, ask q lang po pano ba mag change status at apelyido sa passport? im married australian po last june. need q na kc pa change ng surname sa passport. lahat ng id’s q ay sa pagkadalaga pa rin.. kailangan ba ng id’s para maka renew at mag pa change ng apelyido? thanks hoping for the response

    • The answer to your first question is already in this post. Please read carefully.
      For the second question, the marriage certificate will be the most important requirement, obviously, if your IDs are still with your maiden name.
      Good luck!

      • thanks! … medyo nalilito lang kc aq… kc Australian un husband q.. tapos mei nbasa aq about dun sa seminars for CFO.. kailangan ba tlga mag seminar?

        • Sorry I have no idea about CFO or similar seminars.
          I’m also married to a foreigner and our wedding took place outside the Philippines and I remember registering our marriage to NSO.

  17. Tanong lang po. Kumuha ako ng regular days for renewal. at sabi 20 working days babalik. is it possible to claim the passport before 20 working days pero lampas na ng 20 days na regular? baka kasi nandiyan na eh.

    • What do you mean by 20 days na regular?
      Anyway, 20 working days mean 20 days EXCLUDING weekends and holidays. Hence, you don’t count the Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays in that period of 20 days. I hope this somehow answers your question.

      • Yun po. Kasi 2 types of processing diba. Regular which is 20 working days at priority which is 10 working days.

        Thanks po. So di po talaga pede icheck before 20 working days?

  18. How long does it take to apply my baby a passport since we are in India and were going to Phil embassy to apply his passport, sabi kase nila 45 days, bakit sa Pinas 1 week lang.. :( which is which

  19. Is it possible to apply an extension of validity ng passport kahit naka apply na ng renewal of passport?

  20. hello. would also want to ask a qs. i’ve already searched the net, but ive gotten no definite answer for this. i already have a birth certificate i got in 2008, the yellow one… do u happen to know if i need to secure a new copy for passport renewal? do u know if my old BC copy is still valid? also, do u think a current employment ID is enough? the one listed on the DFA site is ‘old employment IDs,’ which i don’t have. i also don’t have the other major acceptable IDs listed. Big thanks in advance.

    • Birth certificate requirement depends on what kind of passport you currently have. Please refer back to the list of requirements; link can be found in this post.
      About the employment ID, it is listed under the “other acceptable IDs”. If you have a current ID of employment, that would suffice. When I applied, I showed my current employment ID but that is together with my driver’s license. Hope this helps.

    • nagrenew po ako ng passport last may 2011 para gamitin n yung married name ko kgaya ng sa green card ko, pero di ko dala yung divorced papers ng mister ko.dapat kc uuwi ako that year sa pilipinas e expired na yung old passport ko kya ang ginamit ko na lng uli ay yung surname ko na single pa sa passport .may e-passport na po ako at 2016 pa ang expiration date.gusto ko pong kumuha uli ng bagong e- passport mailagay ko na rin yung married name ko kc uuwi po akong pilipinas next year e magkaiba po yung apelyedo ko sa passport at greencard.pwede po bang mag apply uli ng bago sa new york ?ano pong form ang kailangan kong isubmit.please tulungan nyo po ako.

      • i think pwede ka mag apply uli. basta dala mo na lahat ng kailangang documents. pero wala din akong masyadong alam pag magpa change ng apelyido. siguro punta ka n lng sa site ng DFA. parang may nabasa ako dun tungkol dyan.www.dfa.gov.ph… :)

        • I agree. You can definitely re-apply to reflect the surname you currently have (as already stated in this post). If you are asking what form to submit when you apply in New York, you can check the site of the embassy or consular there for details.

  21. Hi. Would you know if it’s possible to make the “express” processing much faster? In my case, I just found out that I have to leave the country in a few days for a business trip and my passport will be expired in 5 months. I’ve read and confirmed that you can only use your passport for such trips if it has 6 months validity.

    I already have an appointment and it’s on Nov 16. I wanted to have an earlier appointment but Nov 16 was the earliest on their website. I will be leaving 2 weeks from now and I’m afraid that my passport won’t be ready by then.

    Is there any way to make the process faster?

    • I don’t know any way to make it faster unless you get a sponsorship from a DFA employee but you have to go through the same procedure as well. A lesson we can get from this (and as I suggested in this post) is that once you see your passport is about to expire (or validity will be less than 6 months), even though you are not anticipating a foreign travel soon, you have to renew it because you never know when you will need it.

  22. hi can i ask what are requirements to claim passport without the official receipt issued..I lost my receipt and was about to claim it last Novemeber 09,2012.

  23. Hi. do you really need 3 supporting documents for renewal? (NBI clearance, Voters ID, etc.) I don’t have any of those right now and i need to renew my passport asap. :(

    • I didn’t show supporting documents to them, i.e. those you mentioned, but I had my driver’s license and company ID with me at that time. Supporting documents are not required but may be asked as per the department’s discretion.

  24. Hi po ask ko Lang po nag pa renew po kasi ako ng passport Tapos po after na misplace ko po ang receipt.ask ko Lang po if I will be able to collect it without the receipt?

  25. Hi po sa pagrenew po ba ng pasport pwede po bang kapatid ang tumulong sa mga anak ko? nasa abroad po kasi ako..thanks po!

  26. hi there your info was very usefull, my question is ill be going home for vacation jan 15 to feb 15, 2012, my sons passport will expire on May 2012, and i want to enjoy our short vacation you know how our goverment system works, they sai it should be 6 months updated, would i be questioned or wont be able to go back kase 1x lang naman ito and hindi na mauulit, thanks worried-elaine : (

    • Whose passport will expire? And what do you mean once lang naman? I don’t see the connection of short vacation with the government system.
      Anyway, if you are asking about passport’s required validity when traveling, as far as I know, at least 6 months validity is required. Immigration officers have the discretion of not allowing you to exit or enter a country if you don’t meet such requirement. But of course, we can always take risks. Have safe travels!

    • The 6-month rule won’t be a problem if you go back to Phils if you’re a Filipino Citizen so that means it’s okay to enter the country with less than 6-months in your passport BUT.. the problem is going back to where you are right now because then, your passport needs to have at least 6 months validity left. Just renew your passport/son’s passport when you’re in Phils.

  27. if magrerenew po b ng passport mababago po ba ung passport number? september nxt year pa ko maeexpire pede na po ba magrenew before maexpire?
    thanks po!:)

  28. Hi,kung nka status ng passort mo ay controlled ok na bayun? wala na bang problema ? makukuha na yun next week?kasi before ang naka status ng passport ko ay signed ngayon ay controlled….gusto ko lng linawin para maka tulog ako ng mahimbig..thank you so much

    • I don’t know the answer because, as I’ve mentioned before, this hasn’t happened to me in the past and I don’t know anyone who had the same experience. If you want, you can share your experience here so that others can learn from it. Also, if you are not leaving the country anytime soon, I don’t think you have to be too fidgety about it.

  29. Hi andito po ako sa US ngayun at green card holder ako,nabili kuna ang ticket ko pa uwi november 12,2012 at balik ako sa US november 26,young passport ko ma expired sa april 29 2013,is there any posible that i can renew my passport in just 3 days there?kasi nabili kuna ang ticket ko,or hindi ba ako magka problema pabalik ko dito sa US,NA YONG philppines passport ko mag expired na april..tulungan niyo po ako worried ako litle bit kasi ala na akong time pag renew dito sa US it takes 6 weeks here……godbless po..

    • I am not aware of any special procedure that allows you to have your passport renewed in 3 days. You will have 14 days in Philippines so if you apply immediately, you can have it on time. When you apply for renewal, tell the official who will check your requirements that you will be traveling in a few days so that they won’t punch holes into your current passport and have it invalidated. If your new passport becomes available before you leave Philippines, they will invalidate your current passport before giving you the new one. This will ensure that you can still use your passport in case your renewed one won’t be released on time.

      • okay thank you very much,for the reply,yes i am planning to get renew my passport while i am in cebu,and now if you dnt mind can you give me the site how to get online appointment so i can bring it with me,i will be arriving in cebu the 14 next month,so in that day i have to go direct to DFA..and get renew total of my stay in philippines 12 days including weekend….Or pwedi ba dito nalang ako sa US mag renew pagbalik ko dito?

        • The link for online appointment is in this blog post. I don’t know about whether it is okay to just renew it in US when you get back as I have no experience with that. Thanks!

  30. ask ko lng kpag ba ngrerenew ng passport need pa ng NSO birth certfcate? ask ko ung guard sa DFA hnde n daw> just to make it sure… thanks

  31. Hello, itatanong ko lang po kung paano ang procedure sa change of signature sa passport? I renewed my passport when I was 16 years old at sabi nila required na ang signature kaya naglagay po ako, pero ever since I entered college iba na po ang signature na gamit ko sa lahat ng applications at valid IDs ko. Ano po ang gagawin ko regarding this matter? Thank you po.

    • I believe it will be a normal process as they didn’t put specific stipulations about change of signature. When you renew your passport, just make sure that you use the signature reflected on your current IDs.

  32. Hello sir,concern lng po ako dahil hanggang ngayon wala pa yong passport ko,sept12 ako nag apply regular process ang releasing nya ay oct.17 hindi cla sumasagot sa telephono…totoo ba na 2-3 months kc sabi ng dfa matagal daw pag change status kaya tanong ng tanong ako..

  33. Hello again po,sorry if i have many question coz the dfa binigyan nla ako tel.# para follow up i tried million times but walang sumagot,ang hirap kontakin,,,,kasi sabi nila wala pa daw yung passport ko signed pa ang nakalagay doon,sept 12 po ako nag apply bakit ngaun wala pa? Sa tingin nyo ba ma deny ang passport ko? Sabi nla hanggang 2-3 months daw bakit po ba ganun.?

  34. hi just wanna ask my cousin is coming from US and and they said she has to renew her passport here. what should we do first? thanks.

  35. Gandang umaga po! Ngayun ko lang nabasa ito. Salamat, very thoughtful, very helpful kayo. Ngayun ko lang na realized dapat na din po pala irenew ang passport ko kasi sa Feb 2013 na exp. Salamat po talaga! Kung nandito po kayo sa Ph, at may travel agency kayo.. Or may plano mag put up,I will be a happy client, sincerely.

  36. hello….jst want to know if early renewal of Phil Passport is accepted, i mean…it is still valid for more than a year(as of this writing, its 1yr and 5months to be exact)…THANKS.

  37. It is possible po ba mag renew nag passport even your passport still valid for 4 years ?at the same time change status..sa totoo lng hindi ako makatulog sa sobra kaiisip..kung alam ko lng hindi nlng ako nag early renewal ng passport ko,kaso gusto ko lng po ma settled at magamit ang surname ng husband ko para lahat ng documento ko at application ng spouse visa ko para pareho lahat …9

  38. Thank you po sa reply,meron pa akong tanong,pwde ba mag renew kahit malayo pa ang expired date kasi yong sa akin ay kumuha ako last year 2011 june and mag expired po ay june 02 2016,so ngayon nag change status ako and then early renewal po ako ngayon.sabi ng releasing section kanina na they will make a request letter to manila y they hold my passport but i will call this coming wednesday for followup….sabi nla na bakit daw nag pa early renewal po ako,sabi ko nag pa change status po ako…

  39. It possible ba na mag early renewal sabay change status?how many months the processing time.? Sorry for many question i want to clarify if it takes long process….confused lng ako eh posible ba na it takes 2-3 months? I need advice po…thank you ,god bless you..

    • I don’t have any experience of renewal/changing surname so I cannot answer that. You are free to share your experience here so others may learn from it.

  40. Hello again,kasi yong passport ko releasing ngaun so nag punta ako sa dfa ngaun pag punta ko don ,sabi sa releasing section staff na c Ronnie,na hold daw ang passport ko ko sa manila kasi early renewal po at change status po ako sabi nya…ilang months ang processing ng early renewal at the same time change status? Kasi hindi cya maka sagot sa mga tanong ko…sabi nya he make å request letter to manila….yong kasabay ko nakuha na nya kanina ,thats y nagtataka ako kung wala pa sa akin..tatawag daw ako sa wednesday….ang tanong ko ilang months ang processing and kailan ko dapat makukuha…..

  41. Hi, thank you for your comprehensive post. Just want to confirm: will they take the old passport or can we still use the old passport (as long as it’s still valid) until the new passport arrives?

      • When your passport is still valid on the time of your renewal application and you plan to travel during the time when they are processing your renewal, do let them know. But if you have no plans of traveling during that time, what they will do is punch holes on your old passport to make it invalid. The logic is you cannot take hold of 2 valid passports at the same time.

  42. Hello! I would just like to ask, are the receipts of the birth certificate and marriage contract needed in the requirements?

    • No. I don’t remember being asked to show receipts. But if you still have them, just keep them with you in case. I always keep my receipts.

  43. Good Morning,pag na red ribbon na yung marriage contract at birth cert. Ok na ba yon sa embassy? Thank you po…

    • Sorry I am not aware of this process as I have never done this before. But if this red ribbon is a kind of authentication by DFA, then why worry whether it would be ok or not if it is the Department itself which has authenticated your document in the first place?
      You mentioned embassy; I assume you meant Department. Anyway, I can’t be much help in this case but good luck still.

  44. Thank you so much for your advice very nice and now i will sleep well tonight….Hope God he hear my prayers!!!!

  45. They did not asked me if i will travel next months or when I expired my passport suppose to be my passport valid 2016…if they asked me about that maybe i have choice or alternative…. Whats in my mind now i can get my passport on oct.17 i cant wait another weeks to wait….
    Thank you so much,very nice..

    • Don’t worry just wait for oct. 17 and a couple of days then you can follow up. But I think it would be ok. Good luck!

  46. Hi,it is true that if you change your status at the same time renew the proccessing its take 2-3 months? I apply sept 12 ,2012 This process is regular so its really to get my new passport on oct.17 2012? Im going to norway only my passport waiting..i hope i can get on that date…Thank you….

    • I haven’t heard about this. I didn’t know that that it would take months for renewal/change of status application. I also checked the website again and I can’t find any specific information on that. If they said that you can claim your passport on 17th, I guess then that it is the schedule otherwise they would have told you. Besides, before they void the older passport, like in my case, they asked me first whether I need to travel in the next days since my passport is still valid at that time.

  47. Hi. Will it be okay to change the processing from regular to rush at DFA? I marked regular in my application for the appointment. Or do I need to cancel my previous appointment and make a new one in order to correct my mistake? Thanks.

    • If there is no option to change it on your appointment then it won’t hurt getting a new appointment. The second option will be less complicated.

  48. Hi, ask ko Lang po Kung renewal pwede po ba postal ID? Passport, postal ID Lang ang meron ako…

  49. HI PO mgtatanong lng po..mgrerenew ng passport…wala na po akong original na nso pero meron po akong photocopy…ok lng po ba yon….?

    • I highly doubt that a photocopy is acceptable but you can try and share your experience here. But I suggest getting an original one instead. Anyway, it’s easy.

  50. i have my passport rush and it has been scheduled to pick up last Oct 4 2012 but until now it was not yet delivered and im worried now. Is it ok if i have to get it personally since their express delivery failed to delivered it on time?

    • Try calling the delivery service first to track your passport. If it is still with the embassy, it’s wise to call them and ask for the status of your passport.

  51. hello,kaya po ba ang less than 5 days sa pagkuha ng passport? i need it as soon as possible. 7 days isn’t enough. =/ thanks.

    • The number of days stated in their website cannot be changed and applicable to everyone (unless I guess it’s an emergency on which you have to request for a special processing).

  52. Good day, can i ask something??the release date of my passport will be on Oct 8, 2012..But suddenly, I have a work and I’m kinda busy that day..I just want to know if i can ask for delivery even if I payed the one without delivery and will pay it upon delivering my passport? or can i send other people to get it and just write authorization letter??or can I get it any time when I’m not busy anymore??and what’s the time frame if ever??Hoping for your reply asap..thank you and godbless…

    • Hi. I doubt that you can do the first option. It might be more cumbersome.
      I believe that you can send someone to pick it up on your behalf with your authorization and ID and his/her ID.
      I’m not really sure about the third option as I have never tried a pick-up and always opted for a delivery.

  53. my old passport expired last 2009, October, can i change from married to single? i mean just want to have a new one which i like to use in my single name..please help me what I’m going to do…thank u

    • Have you tried checking the official website? Everything you need to know are under the “For married women who would like to revert to their maiden name.”

      • hi can i possibly change my passport image while im here abroad and still valid?what are the requierments and how long does it takes?waiting for replies thanks

  54. Hi My passport is expired 3 years discoming december 9, you think how much i spend for renewing and changing my status

  55. Would you happen to know how one can follow up on the status of passport deliveries? Mine was supposed to have been delivered September 27th and LBC, the courier says that the passport could still be with DFA because it is not in their tracking system yet. I have been calling the hotline numbers for DFA but all are busy (8468465 8465889 8344403). Would you have any alternate ways of tackling this challenge? Thanks so much!

    • Usually passports are delivered on time. It might be true that your passport is not yet with LBC. Our helper had her passport 2 days after the expected date. It should be delivered to you today or Monday. Since only 1 day has passed, I think there is no better way as of the moment than wait for a couple more days.

      • hi is it possible to change the image of my passport?kasi nagpatangus kasi ako nang ilong before i flew here in dubai.I am freelancer kasi kaya everytime naghihingi sila nang passport copy hihiya akung magbigay iba kasi mukha ko dun.Is it possible po?waiting po sa reps thanks

    • I have the same case. I applied for rush processing and I expect my passport to be delivered last Sept 24 or 25 but I have been following up Air21 and they said the passport is not yet with them. I believe I should get a refund for this.

    • Hi. Could you please update whether you received your passport and if you got an explanation why you got it later than expected? This is to give an idea to those who had the same experience. Thanks!

  56. My daughter is a dual citizen (Philippine and U.S. passport). I would like to know if she can still travel on October 26, 2012, if she is using her U.S. passport considering her Philippine passoirt will expire March 29, 2013.

  57. Hi i just to want ask that how long will it takes for you to receive on your email the appointment reference number?
    Because it’s been 4 weeks that I’ve made an appointment for the passport. thank you :)

    • I am not sure about this but for me, I make sure that before I apply for any kind of visa and before I leave the country my passport is at least 6 months before expiration. I even renewed my passport last time even if it’s still valid for 1 year. And as far as I know, embassies don’t usually grant visas on passport that has less than 6 months of validity. Leaving the country with such passport is quite risky as immigrations might be a little strict. But I don’t have specific or official information about this.

  58. Hi! Your tips are very helpful. I’m having mine renewed this Sept. 20th at 7.30am and I really need to get my new passport quickly. I want to know though when I should start counting for the 7-working-day process.

  59. Hey thanks for this article, its quite helpful to know these things from someone who has actually gone through the process. Yea, I remember the long queues at the old DFA building and the numerous fixers going about. I’m about to renew my passport and in their website, it didn’t say that a birth cert was required (so it seems I need to get one pronto).

  60. hi poh complain kulang poh walong beses napo akong nag papa apoint-ment sa DFA passport peru un link na sinasabi ndi poh dumadating patolong naman poh
    firsttime aplicant poh

    • The e-mail should come from info@passport.com.ph. Do not send e-mail to that address at is an automatically generated e-mail. Try searching your e-mail with that address or try your spam folder. Hope it works.
      Please do note however that you have to cancel your previous appointment in order to have a new one.

  61. Me and my husband are both here in Qatar and our daughter is in the Philippines. We are planning to bring her coming back here in Qatar from our vacation. We want to apply for her passport authorizing my sister. Do we also need to submit an Affidavit of Consent even if we are the one to travel with our daughter?

    • Hi Rosela. I checked their official website http://passport.com.ph/requirements and I didn’t see the Affidavit of Consent as one of the requirements. Here’s the excerpt.

      Traveling with both parents:

      Passport of both parents, original and photocopy.
      Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA
      Personal appearance of minor with either parent.
      If father will appear with the child, prepare the Marriage Certificate in SECPA.
      If mother will appear with the child, no need for Marriage Certificate in SECPA.

  62. can i renew my passport with 3 more years validity..? reason i want to change my signature.

    • I believe you can. :) But please check the official DFA website what is the minimum time until expiration before renewing your passport. As far as I know, you can renew it if you have valid reasons as such.

  63. hi, i just want to ask if i can change my “process” of passport from regular to rush?

    • I am not sure whether you can change from regular to rush the processing of your passport after you have lodged the application. It would be best to call the Department for this. Thanks for the question.

  64. what will be the requirements for passport renewal if i don’t know my passport number?bec way back 2008 all my impt documents including my passport were burned ,i cnt schedule an appointment w/ dfa bec i don’t know what will i bring.i even can’t declare it lost bec when i get an affidavit my passport number is required.pls help…

    • I wonder why I missed this. It might be too late but rush processing means you get your passports in 7 working days instead of 15. It has nothing to do with the queue as everyone should go thru the regular process (except for sponsored applicants and government employees).

    • 7 days for rush processing and 15 days for regular one. Yeah, I was given clear instruction not to show my teeth. I prefer a smiling me, like this :) hehe

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