Weekly Photo Challenge: HANDS (Nature in our Hands)

I became curious of this weekly photo challenge by bloggers I follow that showcases a theme every week. I started checking out who poses the challenge and found out that it was initiated by the Daily Post at WordPress. I enjoy browsing the photos and how bloggers/photographers interpret the theme for the week. For example, Tacts Blog features the “paws” of a kangaroo instead of human hands. Creative!

That specific post inspired me to join the challenge (thank you!). Perhaps I could come up with something creatively hilarious like that… ^_^ in time but for now here’s my share for this week’s challenge.

Nature in our Hands

This was taken in Munnar, Kerala, India last May 2012. We visited a tea museum and we were given the chance to see how they process fresh tea leaves. These leaves just passed through the first stage, which is cutting. I have a separate post about the tea plantations of Munnar entitled “Would You Like a Cup of Tea?

If you’re wondering what’s up with our hands looking dirty, that is Indian henna from our wedding ceremony. Thanks to Albadr Nasution comment, I’m reminded to post my wedding henna. This was not my first choice for this challenge though because I was not the one who took the photo. But here it is in case you are interested how my henna originally looks like. Check out also My First Henna in India!

My wedding henna

 By the way, my husband just gifted me a Canon EOS 600D and I will have my “hands” (talking about hands) on it next week. I hope I could take better photos after that. Excited! But I will not say goodbye to my Sony point-and-shoot camera. I like the fact that the menus are in Japanese and my friends get surprised, then bothered and retreat everytime they see it. Tee-hee!

So that’s it. I hope I could keep up with this challenge. If you’re interested in joining, visit the Daily Post at WordPress. Ciao for now!


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17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: HANDS (Nature in our Hands)

  1. Wonderful. I’m so glad you are doing some of the challenges. I love seeing the different interpretations from all over the world. And the henna is stunning. I hope you enjoy the new camera!

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  3. Your wedding henna is AMAZING!!!!!! I got henna on my hands once on the coast of Kenya (lots of Indian influence there) and I loved it!

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  6. Gusto ko matikman yang tea na yan. wow, totyal :) may 600d ka na pala dahl :) awesome, ganda ng camera mo. Now you can have more versatility in shooting your photos! :) Shoot tayo sometime :D

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