Dancing with Urns

It’s been a week since I moved here in Singapore, 9 days to be exact. The first few days were spent arranging our things and making our first home, well, homey. This past weekend, we explored Singapore for the first time; both me and my husband had been here before but it was our first time exploring this country together. Singapore is small but it has more to offer than one would expect especially that there are always shows being held here. Thanks to its reputation as an international hub.

I didn’t know that there was a 2-week long (18 May – 2 June) 2012 Singapore Arts Festival going on until I read from The Long and Winding Road blog about this festival. It was a part of the annual ArtsFest at the Festival Village near Marina Bay. It showcased various cultural shows, concerts, flea market and other activities to fill your artsy craving.

This year’s theme was Our Lost Poems, which completes the trilogy that includes Between You and Me (2010) and I Want to Remember (2011). Click here to know more about the festival.

“Our Lost Poems will look at the myths, legends, wandering thoughts, reflections, lost riddles and hidden stories. It is a discovery of tales and aspirations that need to be told and retold. Stories that inspire us, legends that have deep cultural roots and riddles that reveal the secrets of the world. This festival finds us at a crossroad, waiting to reaffirm our sense of place in time as we uncover refreshing facets of ourselves.”Low Kee Hong, General Manager, Singapore Arts Festival (part of the Welcome Massage for the ArtsFest’s booklet*)

True to its theme, the Dream Country – A Lost Monologue is an interpretative dance presenting images of birth, life and death. It was originally called the Urn Piece in 1988 inspired by a monologue written by Leow Puay Tin. 35 performers and 35 urns filled with water engaged the audience into a silent rhythm symbolizing a lifelong search for the known…and the unknown. “Dream Country – A Lost Monologue is a journey of hoping and of dreaming.” (see * above)

If the above pictures are not enough, check out these clips I stitched together. I hope you like it. For more of my videos, check out my accounts on YouTube and Vimeo. Ciao for now!

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7 thoughts on “Dancing with Urns

  1. The dancing on the urns looks dangerous. It looks like a dancer can fall into an urn and get stuck. However, I imagine they are skilled at what they do. Great photos and post. :)

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