Weekly Photo Challenge: HAPPY (In One Word)

This blog has always been about me…until now. So for this week’s photo challenge, I’d like to shift the story from me. Instead of asking myself what makes me happy, I asked my colleagues what makes them happy and the challenge is to attach their meaning of happiness to a single word that is neither a person nor something tangible. Most of them knew the answer instantly while some took time to come up with a one-word idea the summarizes everything that makes them happy. Here are the words they came up with.

Do you have similar words associated with happiness? Join the Weekly Photo Challenge and find out what makes other people happy.

Here are the words from those who are kind enough to share their own. Thanks a lot! Check out their sites and you will understand better why they chose these words.



I used the circular type gallery as mentioned in the challenge and I really like this new feature. But I originally wanted a 3-column gallery but it seems it doesn’t work for my current theme. That blank space beside the last photo is a little off but I guess I am not yet ready to change my theme for that. I’m also having some problems with the sizes of the photos. If my gallery consists of 10 photos, one of them becomes extra large. If I cut it down to 8 photos, 2 of them get resized. Perhaps this is a bug but I just can’t wait to post for this week’s challenge.

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: HAPPY (In One Word)

  1. Nice take on the challenge. Looking at these words that represent people’s “happy”s, I realized that they were all mine too, in varying stages in my life. Isn’t that cool? We’re all different but deep down (in our gooey, soft core, as Butters from South Park would say it), we are all the same. :-)

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