Bright Bathing Boxes at Brighton Beach

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The Brighton Beach–famous for its multicolored bathing boxes. Other than that, there really was nothing else there. There were no signs, shops or anything you expect for a tourist spot. Interestingly, most of my Aussie friends don’t even know where Brighton Beach is. But it covers a whole page of my friend’s guidebook and I’ve seen it photographed by many. Perhaps it lies along the line between the zone of famous spots and off-the-beaten path.

But it was on our list even before we reached Melbourne. The lack of sleep, sore muscles, rainy forecast and strong winds did not stop us from going there. And it was worth it! Just look at this row of painted planks that make up the bathing boxes!

BrightonBeach-6 BrightonBeach-2

The bathing boxes are not merely ornamental. It traces back to Queen Victoria’s time when modesty and sexual restraint, among others, were preferred. The bathing boxes were built as changing rooms for beach-goers. Although there are close to 2,000 bathing boxes in Victoria, these 82 boxes at Brighton Beach are unique because of their uniformity. Read more here.BrightonBeach-4

We were literally wrestling against the wind. One local we met along the way even told us that it was not a good day to head to the beach. True enough, there were only a handful of people strolling along the brown-sand beach while the waves angrily hit the shores. Hiding between the gaps of the boxes was not helpful either.

BrightonBeach-7 BrightonBeach-5

How to get there?

  1. From Flinders Street Station (Melbourne CBD’s main station), take the train along Sandringham Line.
  2. Get off at Beach Station (travel time: around 30 minutes).
  3. When you exit the station, turn right and walk along the main highway. (Big and beautiful houses/rest houses line the road.)
  4. Follow this road until you see the beach on your left. You need to cross the road. (We didn’t see a pedestrian crossing nearby.)
  5. Cost: $7 return (as of 29 Oct 2013) Click here for Victoria’s official site on public transportation. (You would need a MyKi card which costs $6, non-refundable. It would be wise to check on visitor packs if you think you can maximize its use. Check this link.

And finally, don’t miss the most photographed of all the bathing boxes.

Aussie flag painted on one of Brighton Beach's bathing houses.

Aussie flag painted on one of Brighton Beach’s bathing boxes.

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