Kayaking Lake Burley Griffin

Another weekend and another opportunity to go outside, enjoy the summer sun and do something new! Remember how I was trying to prove in my recent post that there’s actually a lot of interesting activities in Canberra? So, this is another point to that.

Kayaking Lake Burley-Griffin-1

The Black Mountain and the Telstra Tower taken while kayaking Lake Burley Griffin

I have seen different kinds of boats on the Lake Burley-Griffin but it never crossed my mind that I will be interested in boarding on one until I read about In The Taratory’s post about kayaking. I immediately asked my friends if they are interested and after agreeing to wake up earlier than usual one weekend, we were on our way for our first ever kayaking here in Canberra.

Kayaking Lake Burley-Griffin-15

Open from 9.30am to 5.00pm on weekdays and 8:30am to 6:00pm on weekends and holidays

It’s not really a long way. From our dormitory, we cycled for about 30-45 minutes. It would have been shorter if I didn’t lead them to the wrong direction haha! We reached the Acton Ferry Terminal where the ACT Boat Hire is located at around 9:30am. I have to admit I was really nervous because I’ve never done it before plus my fear of deep waters and images of boats flipping over didn’t help either. The friendly lady assured us that it won’t be dangerous and that we would definitely have  a good experience especially the weather was great that day.

Acton Ferry Terminal

Acton Ferry Terminal

They also have paddle boats, canoes and surf skis.

They also have paddle boats, canoes and surf skis.

This is my second to the last weekend here in Canberra before I leave for my 6-month fieldwork so I’m maximizing my weekends by spending time with friends and exploring more activities near my university.

My friend, Neli, posing for my camera

My friend and hiking companion, Neli, posing for my camera. That’s the Parliament House behind her.

Kayaking Lake Burley-Griffin-8

This is Jin, also a friend and a resident in my dormitory. That’s the National Library of Australia behind her.

And here's my photo with the Black Mountain at the background.

And here’s my photo with the Black Mountain and the Telstra Tower in the background.

The Commonwealth Bridge

The Commonwealth Bridge with the Parliament House in the centre. After a few minutes of maneuvering my kayak, I was able to get this shot.

Kayaking Lake Burley-Griffin-9

Sailboats at one end of the lake. I paddled long and hard to get closer to them but we had to turn back before that because our 1-hour time was almost up.

Kayaking Lake Burley-Griffin-12

The last photo of this activity and taken when we returned to the dock.

I will definitely kayak on Lake Burley Griffin again when I return here in Canberra next year. And I’m proud to have conquered my fears.

Oh Canberra, I will miss you!

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3 thoughts on “Kayaking Lake Burley Griffin

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  2. What a fun outing with friends!
    p.s. So will you be visiting/taking pictures on the recent Guinness World Record Christmas light in Canberra before you head out for your next mission ;p

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