Around the World in One Day: Cockington Green Gardens

A trip around the world in one day! Impossible? Think again! What if we downsize our perspectives and install the world’s famous sites in one garden? That’s exactly what Cockington Green Gardens in Canberra did.

Cockington Green Gardens-2

It’s true that nothing beats the original. But a visit to this kind of garden surely inspired me to travel around some of these beautiful architectural wonders in the future! (My list is getting long…) It was also an amazing experience to see some of the installations that I have actually seen in person like the Borobudur Temple of Indonesia and the Red Fort of India. (I was disappointed that they didn’t choose Taj Mahal.)

Cockington Green Gardens-11

This looks like a normal bird’s eye view of a lovely town…

Cockington Green Gardens-17

…but they are actually miniature representations of famous buildings around the world.

People strolling around the world :)

People strolling around the world :)

So, one fine Saturday, my friends and I visited the Cockington Green Gardens, around an hour bus ride from my campus. (The Garden’s address is at 11 Gold Creek Road, Nicholls, ACT.) The miniature buildings, figurines and all the details were amazing! There were even model railroads and trains, rivers and boats. I admire how they meticulously constructed the displays without straying away from the original designs. It must have been a long and tedious process but it was definitely worth it.

Cockington Green Gardens-7 Cockington Green Gardens-8

The first part of the Gardens is called the Original Display Area where various British buildings and sights (including sports) were installed.

Cockington Green Gardens-3 Cockington Green Gardens-6 Cockington Green Gardens-5

Cockington Green Gardens-10

Turf Maze

The Stonehenge

The Stonehenge

The second part of the Gardens is the International Display Area. The entrance to it was a lovely arch decorated with flowers. It was like entering a different world, a small world to be exact, except that it was no different after all. Popular buildings from different countries were carefully placed around the area surrounded by beautiful lawns and gardens. Miniature flags were also hoisted in front of each site.

Cockington Green Gardens-16 Cockington Green Gardens-15 Cockington Green Gardens-14 Cockington Green Gardens-12 Cockington Green Gardens-1

Cockington Green Gardens-18Cockington Green Gardens-21 Cockington Green Gardens-13

Don’t miss the Cockington Green Gardens when you are in Australia’s capital. It was definitely worth the visit ($18.50 fee per adult) and a fun experience. I believe 2 hours are enough to appreciate the miniature installations but staying longer would also be enjoyable as they have lovely shaded areas around, a cozy coffee shop, picnic area and playground. There were also stores and restaurants near the Gardens.

Cockington Green Gardens-19

What do you think of these cute installations? Is your country represented in this miniature garden? Can you help me name some of these national sites by commenting below? Thanks heaps!

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7 thoughts on “Around the World in One Day: Cockington Green Gardens

  1. These are so awesome! I guess you’ve seen the world now so you’re done? Just kidding of course. I’ll definitely remember this place if I ever make it to Australia! Cheers!

    • Haha! I could only wish, genkiduck, but it surely inspired me to travel more. Yes, please include this in your itinerary if you visit the humble capital of Australia. Mata ne!

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